Campus and Infrastructure University Sports

Ready to go


Fulfill participation authorization

Students with a valid UNICARD (student identity card)

Employees with a UNICARD marked "Unisport"

Holders of Unisport ID

Unisport ID

Select sporting activity

Training: Without registration, free

Training sessions with registration lists (e): Online registration or registration on the spot, free of charge

Courses (k): Registration and payment of course costs by the deadlines

Sports program

Select appropriate ability level


Basic (B)

Level 1 (L1)

Level 2 (L2)

Ability level

Take part

Take your UNICARD / Unisport ID with you

Wear suitable sports clothing, clean indoor trainers and possibly bring a towel

Turn up on time

Only drinks that close with a cap should be brought into the sports halls

Respect the Center for Sport and Sport Science's no-smoking and no-alcohol policy