Semester Dates and Deadlines Application Deadlines for PhD Candidates

You can apply to do a doctorate throughout the year.

Registration date of receipt
For the fall semester October 15
For the spring semester March 31

If you apply online for the fall semester between September 1 and October 15 or between February 1 and March 31 for the spring semester, select the available semester and write in the "Comments" field on the last page "Application for the fall semester or Application for the spring semester 20XX".

If we receive your application late, we will sign you up for the next semester. This includes the online application as well as the complete documents submitted to the admissions office. Foreign degrees are first examined by the admissions office (formal admission) and then by the faculty/graduate school (requirements for a doctorate).

Procedures for students of the University of Bern

Current students of the University of Bern apply to change course as part of the renewal of the semester registration in self-service.

What you need to know about renewing your semester registration; see here: