Portrait Strategy


With Strategy 2030, the University of Bern wants to build on previous success while responding to new challenges.

Vision and mission

The University of Bern is guided by the vision of a knowledge society where information is publicly available and prepared in an understandable way. A knowledge society uses reliable and robust knowledge as a central resource to create prosperity and solve complex social challenges such as climate change, protecting human health, regional inequality, enhancing society’s innovative capabilities, digital transformation, demographic change, resource scarcity, urbanization, preserving the rule of law and the transformation of the media.

The University of Bern’s mission is to create, reflect and share knowledge. It offers the best possible environment for fundamental and applied research as well as learning. It wants to share this knowledge with its students so that they develop the skills necessary to acquire and use knowledge independently as well as think critically. It cannot do this without excellent research and teaching as well as high-quality continuing education and services. The University identifies disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary focus areas for this purpose.

Its vision and mission can be summarized in three words: Knowledge creates value.


The University of Bern sees itself as a leading, forward-looking and international university with strong local roots and social relevance. It is an autonomous, comprehensive university offering a full range of subjects, including theology, humanities, social sciences, law, economics, medicine, veterinary medicine and natural sciences. The University offers the highest standards of research, teaching, continuing education and services as well as an exceptional international network. It fosters economic and social innovation through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work founded on disciplinary principles.

The University drives social and economic development in the Canton of Bern and across Switzerland, generating and transferring academically sound practical knowledge. In doing so, the University of Bern fulfills its responsibility to the citizens of the Canton of Bern, who ultimately enable the University to exist. The University’s performance mandate with the Canton also provides it with the necessary framework on which it is based.

The University considers its diversity in all areas (particularly with regard to people, subjects and methods) as a strength. It sees itself as a single unit. Under one roof, sharing common values, the University can perform and evolve in a dynamic environment.

The University of Bern promotes co-determination among all its members. It involves them in self-governance and includes them in decision-making processes.


The University of Bern strives to nurture its culture and the conduct of its members based on the following values:

The University of Bern is credible. Its teaching, research and services are geared towards the highest academic and ethical standards. Further, the University of Bern adds value by reinforcing the freedom of opinion through its contributions to scientific, economic and social issues under public debate. It is committed to monitoring its functions and services on a regular basis.

The University of Bern is self-assured. As one of the major universities in Switzerland and one of the best in the world, it is aware of its strengths. It pursues its goals consistently and confidently, defends the positions it holds and takes responsibility for its actions.

The University of Bern is open. Forward-looking, it pursues new ways of thinking, reacts to social developments and maintains a dialogue with the general public.

The University of Bern is passionate. Its activities are always characterized by its interest in acquiring and imparting knowledge. The University of Bern stands for freedom in teaching and research and is independent.

The University of Bern is fair. It treats all people equally and with respect. The University strives to ensure equal opportunities and is a fair employer. It acts lawfully, transparently, sustainably and with integrity at all levels.