Organizational Matters UNICARD

Locations of the chargers and cash registers

Chargers (money charging terminals)

Building Street  Location  Plan
Institute of Sport Science
Bremgartenstrasse 145
1st basement level, Fencer’s changing room
vonRoll * Fabrikstrasse 8  1st floor to the right of the lounge   
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (DCB)  Freiestrasse 3
1st floor; then right-hand corridor,
in the 1st phone cabin  
Uni Bern student cafeteria  
Gesellschaftsstrasse 2  Caffé Momento right-hand entrance
Main building Hochschulstrasse 4   1st basement level in the corridor,
between the Cafeteria Maximum and the law library 
Central Administration *

Hochschulstrasse 6
1st basement level, back entrance
UniTobler Lerchenweg Entrance to building F/S,
beside the public phone   
University of Teacher Education Bern Muesmattstrasse 29 1st floor in front of auditorium 006  
AUM learning center Murtenstrasse 17 Entrance 46A,
in the corridor in front of the PC pool room
UniS  Schanzeneckstrasse 1 1st floor to the left of the lounge,
beside the validation terminal in the “Kubus”   
University of Teacher Education Bern
Weltistrasse 40 1st floor, entrance hall  

* Charger for debit cards  (Postfinance, Maestro) available

Libraries with a UNICARD cash register

Building Street
Departments' Library Bühlplatz (FBB)  Baltzerstrasse 4  
vonRoll Library Fabrikstrasse 8
Swiss Library of Eastern Europe  Hallerstrasse 6  
Law library (JBB)  Hochschulstrasse 4
Unitobler Basic library (BTO)
Länggassstrasse 49a 
Münstergasse library
Münstergasse 61-63