Tools and Work Aids Individual tools


The most important processes in the CTS

  • Find courses
  • Registration & deregistration for exams
  • Overview of grades
  • Apply for a degree

In the public space, all users view the same thing. If you are registered, your last settings can be saved so that the usual view is shown on your next visit. The course tree is divided into study programs. Students can quickly obtain an overview of the chargeable services in the individual blocks. The course catalogue shows all course details. The plan view shows more information about the blocks. It provides three types of course search:

  •     Simple search: only one input field
  •     Advanced search: To find special cases with several search fields
  •     Course tree: Search in the study program

If you are a matriculated student and logged in to CTS, the planning view will quickly show you an overview of the courses that can be credited in the individual blocks. In the planning view, the focus is primarily on the information regarding the structure of the study program, the registrations made and planned for courses and assessments and the individual status of your studies. Students receive with matriculation direct access to their studies in. The Campus Account login data is used to log in.

Staff members who maintain and/or manage data for courses, registrations, assessments (examinations), credits (grades), degrees and much more in CTS will receive the necessary access to CTS when they log in with their campus account. Unlike the students, you need additional authorizations for this.