At a Glance

The University of Bern is a top-class performer in research areas that are of great social and scientific importance. It is a full university offering the best conditions for inter-, trans-, and multidisciplinary research of the highest level. The targeted promotion of early-career researchers is a key priority and state-of-the-art conditions have been created to facilitate an academic career. Researchers are supported by the Grants Office and the Coordination Office for the Promotion of Early Career Researchers at every stage of their career.

The University of Bern excels in five major areas:

  • Sustainability (focusing on climate, coping with global change, and regulation of world trade, biodiversity and resources research)
  • Health and medicine (with top achievements in the medical, natural, human and veterinary sciences)
  • Matter and the universe (with basic research in the fields of particle physics and space research)
  • Intercultural knowledge (to exchange and understand our own and other cultures)
  • Politics and administration (as the university for the capital city region)

On this page you can find the latest news, current calls for proposals and highlights in the area of research.



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