Mobility and Exchange Incoming

Exchange students from Europe

Miguel Tejada Mendez von University Carlos III Madrid
© Miguel Tejada Mendez, University Carlos III Madrid

Testimonials from incoming students

Katrine Mortensen

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, fall semester 18/19

“I really enjoyed it, ...

...everyone was really lovely and friendly. Language was never an issue, people often spoke in english or hochdeutsch rather than swiss german which I struggled with. I made some great friends and I hope we will all stay in touch. It was easy to find my way around the city as well as the university. Overall I had a really great time and it was a truly fantastic experience. Living in a foreign country, even for a short time, was an eye-opening experience.”

Incoming student from the University of Liverpool, UK, spring semester 17

Alejandra Merit

Universitat de Valencia, Spain, academic year 16/17

«Studying at the University of Bern was a great experience for me, ...

... so great that I have decided to do my Master here. It was really nice to meet new people, but also to study in a different environment. I find that the way of teaching gives you a lot of independence, however one needs to carefully manage self-time. It taught me to be independent, quickly adapt and interact with people.»

Incoming student from Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands, fall semester 18/19

Cristina Velasco

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, fall semester 19/20

“I was welcomed into another country with open arms...

... by the university staff and our now friends. I received great support from all of the staff in uni Bern. It has made my love for travel much more apparent and has encouraged me to travel the world and work or study again abroad. My impression of Bern was amazing, the country is wonderful and i will certainly be returning.”

Incoming student from Ulster University, Ireland, spring semester 17

“The time at the university was one that I thoroughly enjoyed. ...

... Teachers and courses expected good results, but there were no unrealistic goals set. Professors were always ready to explain topics again if they weren't understood by everyone. The Swiss students I met during my stay were all very friendly and eager to help me with my German when I sometimes wasn't too sure about it. Together with the beautiful city of Bern in the beautiful country Switzerland, it made my semester at the Universität Bern one that I absolutely do not regret.»

Incoming student Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands, fall semester 18/19

Bernardo Hernandez

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Spain, fall semester 18