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German/English Self-Study Materials

Using the search mask below, you can find resources in the University Library to help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, reading, and listening comprehension independently. In the category “Language Tests”, you will find a collection of exam preparation books (e.g., for Goethe, Telc; the TOEFL, the CAE, and the CPE).

Link for German 

Link for English

Institute of Linguistics

The Institute of Linguistics offers a range of language courses for a fee, for instance in French, Italian, and Spanish among others. You can find further information on the link below.
Courses offered by the Institute of Linguistics

Tailor-made courses

A department, an institute, or any other unit of the University of Bern may request the development and delivery of a language course tailored to the needs of a specific target group. The costs are covered by the client. If you are interested, please contact the head of the Language Center, Dr. Stefanie Neuner-Anfindsen.

Exclusively for PhD students

The Transferable Skills unit of the Vice-Rectorate Development offers workshops specifically designed for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. These workshops aim to enhance soft skills, focusing on areas such as scientific writing and presentation skills.

Transferable Skills

For students of medicine and life sciences: scientific writing courses

The Library of Medicine offers short workshops on scientific writing to students and post-docs in the fields of medicine and life sciences. To participate, you need to have at least C1-level proficiency of English.
Workshop Scientific Writing