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University Members

The University of Bern establishes the optimum teaching, learning, and research conditions for personal development and the development of outstanding professional skills for all of its members. The University regards itself as an appealing, supportive, and demanding employer and strives to create pleasant working conditions that are conducive to high employee performance. The University of Bern ensures that personnel are suitably qualified by carrying out a rigorous selection process, among other measures.

The qualification and competencies of professors are particularly important with regard to the quality of services offered by the University of Bern. This is reflected in a structure and recruitment procedure that fulfills the common quality assurance standards.

With regard to the level of professor, the University of Bern offers talented, young academics the opportunity to tread attractive career paths. This primarily involves SNF-sponsored professor models/Eccellenza Professorial Fellowships, and assistant professorships with and without tenure track.

The University of Bern offers reasonable terms and conditions of employment for researchers, provides training to help give aspiring academics a competitive edge internationally, develops support measures for young academics, and is committed both to gender quality and to maintaining a good work/life balance. The University runs a Coordination Office for the promotion of early career researchers to help intermediary staff build an academic career (mentoring, grants, Information, etc.).

To achieve outstanding and efficient overall performance, collaborative work and the mutual understanding of academics and management are promoted.