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What is Selfservice?

Manage your own study profile

In your studies, it is extremely important that your personal data and your study profile are kept up to date. For most logins to the tools and systems of the University of Bern you will use the Campus Account. Depending on the system, you may be able to add your details to your personal profile.

Access to self-service

What you can do

Deadlines Possibilities
  • enter a change of address
  • download a confirmation of matriculation, provided you have paid the fees
  • download your study history
  • print out a payment confirmation
May 20th - August 31st
(fall semester)

December 15th - January 31st
(spring semester)
  • confirm your matriculation for the next semester, submit an application for leave of absence or have yourself exmatriculated
  • apply for a change of study program
September 30th
(fall semester)

February 28th
(spring semester)
  • register for the BeNeFri-program