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Spontaneous application

An application for an advertised job is the most common form of application. To this end, you can find out about job vacancies on the websites of companies and public institutions as well as via online job portals, daily papers, job fairs or your circle of friends or acquaintances. If you cannot find a suitable job advert, you can be proactive and send a spontaneous application. With spontaneous applications, luck naturally plays an important role. The advantage is that you have no direct competitors. You should prepare each spontaneous application carefully and individually and target as specific a job profile as possible. When submitting a spontaneous application, pay attention to the following points: 

Before applying

To learn more about the chosen company before applying (e.g. HR contact person, preference for application by e-mail / letter, job profiles), you can contact the company by telephone. It is advisable to contact the Human Resources Office. Prepare your phone call and note your questions in advance. Think about how you want to present yourself (e.g. how to present your competences and motivation briefly and convincingly). Direct contact underlines your commitment and you can take up the discussion in your letter of motivation.

Application documents

Always send your spontaneous application accompanied by full documentations. This includes: a letter of motivation, CV and enclosures (references and certificates). As with applications to job adverts, spontaneous applications should not be sent as standardized  mass applications. Show commitment and refer to the relevant company and as specific a job profile as possible in your application.

Letter of motivation

In your letter of motivation, emphasize why you are interested in this particular company and which qualifications you have to offer. Tailor your letter of motivation to the desired post. Show what benefits you have to offer your potential employer.


Orient your CV to the specific company and your desired post. Adhere to the formal standards which apply to a conventional CV (information and tips for a CV).

Spontaneous application by e-mail

If you send a spontaneous application by e-mail, you should pay attention to some additional points. Mention in the subject line that it is a spontaneous application and indicate your desired post. If possible, address your application to the relevant HR manager (application by e-mail).


If you have not received any confirmation of receipt about two weeks after sending your application, you can make a friendly inquiry to your contact person (by telephone or e-mail). This once again illustrates your motivation. You should nevertheless not put your chosen employer under pressure.