Organization Legal Matters

Appeals procedure

Submitting an appeal

The Appeal Committee can only process and assess an appeal if the formal requirements for submitting an appeal have been met:

  • The subject of appeal is an announcement
  • The deadlines and formalities for the appeal have been met
  • The party lodging the appeal is entitled to do so and the grounds for appeal are admissible

If any of these formal requirements have not been met, the appeal may not be further processed (decision against processing the appeal). In this case, an assessment of the content of the appeal shall not be made.


If an appeal does not prove to be clearly inadmissible or unfounded, the Appeal Committee begins the appeals procedure. This procedure is conducted in accordance with the Act on Administrative Procedural Law of the Canton of Bern (Verwaltungsrechtspflegegesetz, VRPG) (only in German), with the entire process generally taking around six to eight months.


The appeal process ultimately entails time and costs. If need be, these costs are to be paid by the complainant at the end of the proceedings (legally enforceable ruling) depending on the outcome. Please carefully examine the detailed information on the appeal process (requirements for submitting an appeal; procedure; costs) if you would like to submit an appeal to the Appeal Committee. The information sheet provides a brief overview of the process.