Organizational Matters Renewal of Semester Registration


Once you have completed your studies or if you no longer want to continue studying, you have to have yourself removed from the student registry (this does not take place automatically). For this purpose, please use the electronic re-registration form.

You are completing your studies or doctorate, but still need to remain enrolled in your previous parallel degree program? You can't make this change by yourself. You should therefore contact in time, without processing the re-registration form.

If you do the following, you will be removed from the student registry ex officio, 

  • if you have been registered on the basis of incorrect information or incorrect details,
  • If you do not meet the deadline for the re-registration (via,
  • if you do not pay the tuition fees within the time specified by the Executive Board of the University of Bern,
  • if you have already obtained your degree or can no longer attain it, apart from in cases that have been explained,
  • if you have been ordered to stay away from the university or have been removed from the study program for disciplinary reasons.

Cancellation of removal from student registry for important reasons

Cancellation of removal from student registry for important reasons
for the fall semester: by October 15 at the latest
for the spring semester: by March 15 at the latest

A registration fee of CHF 100 can be charged.