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Research and Teaching

The University of Bern conducts research to promote knowledge and for the sake of understanding.

The key element is a well-considered, ethically sound responsibility to people and to both animate and inanimate nature. To this end, the University of Bern conducts research in the service of the individual and society. It primarily seeks fundamental insights but also addresses application-oriented questions. It both promotes innovation and strives to produce economic value from its findings. The University of Bern makes the insights and knowledge gained accessible to the academic community and to all interested parties.

The University of Bern attains achievements of world renown in certain areas of research. One means of achieving this is through centres of excellence, which bring together disciplinary and interdisciplinary skills. It conducts its research in collaboration with partner institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

The University of Bern provides students with high-quality academic instruction. It delivers knowledge of the international state of the art, familiarises them with scientific methods, and encourages them in academic thinking and independent research. The teaching derives its impulse substantially from the research of the faculty. Cross-disciplinary courses take account of the increase in scientific networking. The University of Bern understands mobility to be an important element of academic education and promotes exchanges at all levels.