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The University of Bern is an attractive place to study and work for students, researchers and teaching staff from Switzerland and abroad.

It creates the best possible teaching, learning and research environment for personal fulfilment and the development of high levels of specialist expertise in all those belonging to it. The University of Bern offers its members agreeable employment and working conditions. It sets high standards for itself and for those belonging to it. These treat each other with respect and collegiality and are committed to the goals of the University and to its reputation.

The University of Bern is committed to the equality of men and women and prohibits discrimination. It promotes the compatibility of work and family and the position of women in academia. The University of Bern provides regulated and professional support and focused encouragement for young academics. It enables them to work independently in academia and to remain successfully in the world of work. It opens up career opportunities within and outside the University of Bern. The University of Bern seeks to remain connected to those belonging to it and maintains contact with its alumni.