Organization Legal Matters

Welcome to the Appeal Committee

The Appeal Committee is a body of the University of Bern (Article 34 paragraph 1 section g of the University Act [UniG]). As an internal administrative justice authority (Article 136 paragraph 1 UniG), it is independent from the other university bodies and is not bound by their directives (Article 2 paragraph 2 of the regulations).


The Appeal Committee assesses appeals at first instance relating to announcements made by the faculty bodies and other organizational units at the University of Bern (Article 76 paragraph 1 UniG). In contrast, it is not responsible for appeals lodged against announcements of the Senate, the Executive Board of the University of Bern and the President; these are to be submitted to the Ministry of Education of the Canton of Bern (only in German) (Article 76 paragraph 3 UniG).

Further tasks

The Appeal Committee also attests to the validity of cost decisions made by the relevant bodies (in particular clinics and institutes of the university) before the cantonal tax administration.

The Appeal Committee then conducts the investigation in procedures to remove academic titles and starts the proceedings with the Senate if the integrity officer is not responsible for doing so here (Article 36 section b of the University Statute [UniSt]).

In the event of a dispute, it also makes decisions on third-party requests for information from the university and its organizational units (Article 36 section c UniSt).
Finally, the Appeal Committee regularly submits reports to the Executive Board of the University of Bern on its practices (Article 8 paragraph 1 of the regulations). It submits requests to the Executive Board for provision of the measures that it deems necessary to ensure that lawful conditions are achieved (Article 8 paragraph 2 of the regulations).