Mobility and Exchange Outgoing

Short-term mobility

Would you like to attend a summer or winter school? We would be happy to inform you about the offers of our partner universities.

Information about the requirements, registration deadlines and dates can be found on the links below. Only offers from our partner universities that have more favorable conditions for Bernese students are published. Therefore, please note the prices for the partner universities when looking at the offers.

Short-term mobility
Current offer Country, city Time Period Registration deadline
Transdisciplinary Approaches to Societal Polarisation

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Groningen, the Netherlands

1 - 5 July 2024

15 April 2024

2024 SNU International Summer Program

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South Korea, Seoul 25. June till 27. July 9. May
Radboud Summer School 2024 (various subjects)

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Netherlands, Nijmegen 10. June till 12. July 1.-15. May (depending on the course)
univie: summer school – International and European Studies 2024

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Austria, Vienna 13. July till 10. August 2024 Extended until 31. March 2024
1st Summer School on Climate Change and Biodiversity

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France, Toulouse 10. till 21. June 2024

1. May 2024
1st International Summer School on Micro and Nano-fabrication tools for innovating applied electronics and fundamental research (MINATO 2024)

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France, Toulouse 24. June till 5. July 2024 or
24. June till 19. July 2024
22. April 2024
Summer school in Oncology and Dermatology, the University of Toulouse 

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France, Toulouse
24. June till 5. July 2024
3. May 2024
Summer School Program 2024 at Osnabrück University

More information:
Introduction to German Language and Culture, A1.1
Introduction to German Language and Culture, A1.2
Advanced Intensive German
Germany, Osnabrück 7.-27. July 2024 (A1.1 und A1.2)
1.-31. July 2024 (A2/B1)
February 1st to April 14th, 2024
Summer School "Challenges for Sustainable Management"

Detailed information here:
full program & syllabus;
more details.
France, Rennes 1.-12. July 2024 Unknown
Turku Åbo Summer School

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Finnland, Turku August 2024 April 14th, 2024
Bordeaux Summer Schools 

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France, Bordeaux June-July 2024 Check details
Summer School Tilburg University

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Netherlands, Tilburg 3.-16. July (Online) / 24. June - 5. July (Tilburg) 12. June (Online) / 13. May (Tilburg)