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Facts and figures

The University of Bern collects binary data on gender proportions at different levels (vertical segregation) and between faculties and disciplines (horizontal segregation).

Currently, more than half of all students at the University of Bern are women. But that number decreases the further up the scale you go with women not being represented accordingly at higher academic levels. The higher the academic level, the smaller the proportion of women. This effect is called vertical segregation.

Women are training to be vets, men computer scientists. Figures show that the choice of subject is very much dependent on gender. Depending on the faculty or the individual disciplines, there are significant differences regarding the number of men and women. This effect is called horizontal segregation.

New scenarios show the development of the proportion of women professors at the University of Bern in the coming years. Depending on the proportion of women in new appointments, the proportion of women changes significantly faster or slower.