Mobility and Exchange Staff

Swiss-European Mobility Programme (Erasmus)

Existing agreements

The existing exchange agreements in the context of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme - SEMP (Erasmus) are displayed on our internationalisation portal in mobility-online.

Extending or terminating existing agreements

Please let us know if you wish to terminate or let an agreement expire. An early termination / cancellation of an agreement can be made at the earliest for the academic year after next. The notification to us must be received at the latest on 31 July so that we can terminate the agreement for the academic year after next (e.g. end of July 2022 for a termination to the academic year 2023/24).

New agreements

Swiss-European Mobility (Erasmus) agreements are concluded at the level of departments/institutes. If you have agreed with colleagues of a European university to establish an exchange, please fill in our "proposal" form. Therin you specify the study level (Bachelor, Master, PhD) and the number of incoming and outgoing students per academic year. In addition to the student exchange an agreement also enables staff mobility.

Please hand in the "proposal" form to the Erasmus departmental coordinator at your department. This ensures that the faculty rules regarding agreements are respected. The Erasmus departmental coordinator forwards the „proposal“ form to the International Office where the agreement is being set up with all necessary signatures.  

SEMP/Erasmus data of the UniBE

If you need the data of the University of Bern to complete a Learning Agreement, we have included the relevant information below. Normally only the SEMP/Erasmus code is required. 

SEMP/Erasmus Code: CH BERN01
SCHAC: (access to the EWP digital interface is managed by UniBE International
PIC (Participant Identification Code: 999976493