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Stay in contact with Microsoft Teams

The University of Bern has enabled the use of MS Teams for all university members. You can use MS Teams to stay in contact with your team, your student, your fellow workers, or simply other employees of the University. Currently, only the 1:1 chat function and group chats are available (also with external persons via Outlook). For relatively small, internal groups, using audio or video telephony is a good solution - even with the option of sharing screens or files. 

Please note that functions may be limited due to the temporarily high usage. This applies in particular to the feature "search" (university members) or the video and audio quality within calls.

Other functions, such as creating team groups (= Shared Exchange Online Mailbox, Sharepoint Online, Channels, and the programming or integration of applications) and using calendar and event functions, are currently unavailable or very limited to use.

Teaching videos about the chat and call features of MS-Teams


To use MS Teams, download and install the desktop version after you logged in to the online version (click the three bullets in the top right corner --> install desktop app). Log in with your campus account in the format (or and your campus account password. If you cannot or do not want to install it, go to the online version of MS Teams via Chrome.