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Annual Report, current issue

2019 digital annual report

The University of Bern’s 2019 annual report has now been published in digital format for the first time: With short videos on projects currently in progress in the five strategic key areas, video messages from the University Executive Board and much more.


Annual report in PDF format

At the same time, the official 2019 annual report including the complete annual financial statements for 2019 will also be published as a downloadable PDF file.

Annual_Report_2019_UniBE.pdf (PDF, 990KB)


Rector Christian Leumann on the 2019 annual report

«I am honored to be inviting you to a premiere: the first digital annual report of the University of Bern. It is one of the many jigsaw pieces of the digitalization strategy we adopted in 2019, a strategy which has helped us in the current coronavirus crisis. This was how we were able to completely transition all teaching for our more than 18,500 students to online operation within just three days.

Looking back, it is thus safe to say: 2019 was a very special and successful year for the University of Bern, a year in which we were able to set some key impulses for the future.»