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Funding Program: Doctoral Programs University of Bern 2021-2024

In view of the swissuniversities TP1 project "Doctoral Programs of the Universities 2017-2020" coming to an end, and swissuniversities not having a successor project after 2020, the Executive Board of the University of Bern has allocated funds from the university’s own resources to support doctoral programs for the period 2021-2024.

The purpose of the new funding program "Doctoral Programs University of Bern 2021-2024" is

  • to further strengthen the quality and attractiveness of doctoral degree programs 
  • to  improve the career prospects of doctoral students within and outside of academia.

The aim of the program is to support academic offerings that promote the doctoral students’ disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transferable skills.

The following doctoral programs are supported by the University of Bern:

 Subject group  Social sciences
 University of Bern Faculty of Human Sciences: Institute of Psychology
Program Director Prof. Dr. Claudia Roebers
 Subject group Interdisciplinary and Other
 University of Bern Faculty of Human Sciences: Institute of Sport Science
 Partner institutions University of Tübingen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Technical University of Munich (TUM)
 Program Director Prof. Dr. Mirko Schmidt
 Subject group Social Sciences
 University of Bern
 Partner institutions University of Lausanne, Università della Svizzera Italiana
 Program Director Prof. Dr. Fritz Sager
 Subject group Natural Sciences; Medecine and Pharmacy; interdisciplinary
 University of Bern
 Program Director Prof. Dr. Gerlinde Huber-Rebenich
 Subject group History and Cultural Sciences, Languages and Literature, Exact Sciences
 University of Bern
 Partner institutions University of Basel
 Program Director Prof. Dr. Tobias Hodel
 Subject group Law, History and Cultural Sciences
 University of Bern
 Partner institutions Max Planck Institute, University of Göttingen
 Program Director Prof. Dr. Martino Mona
 Subject group Theology
 University of Bern Faculty of Theology: Institute of Old Testament Studies, Institute of New Testament Studies, Institute of Historical Theology,Institute of Systematic Theology,Institute of Practical Theology, Institute of Jewish Studies, Institute of Old Catholic Theology
 Partner institutions  University of Basel, University of Zurich
 Program Director Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagner
 Subject group Economics
 University of Bern Faculty of Business, Economics ​and Social Sciences: Institute for Accounting and Controlling
 Partner institutions University of Basel, University of Neuchâchtel, University of Zurich, University of Fribourg, University of Graz, University of Vienna, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
 Program Director Prof. Dr. Alexis H. Kunz
 Subject group Natural Sciences
 University of Bern Faculty of Science: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
 Partner institutions University of Zurich
Program Director Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Reymond