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Institutional Accreditation

The Swiss Accreditation Council has accredited the University of Bern as a university without conditions.

With the accreditation decision, which the University of Bern received on 24 September 2021, the institutional accreditation procedure have been completed.

According to the Higher Education Act (HEdA), accreditation is a prerequisite for the University of Bern to continue to be allowed to call itself a university and to receive the federal subsidies provided for in the law. 

The basis for the positive accreditation decision was a self-evaluation report written by the University of Bern in 2020 and the assessment by external experts in spring 2021. The experts gave the University a very good report. With their analyses and evaluations, they came to the conclusion that the University of Bern has an efficient quality assurance system that covers all areas and processes of the University. The evaluators also made particularly positive mention of the successful participation of all faculties, peer groups, and staff of the central administration in the development, implementation and realisation of the QAD processes.

The accreditation is valid for a period of seven years.