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Bern im All

Bern im All, Universität Bern
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Event on Juni and Juliy 2019

The University of Bern celebrated 50 years of the moon landing. When Buzz Aldrin was the second man to step out of the lunar module on 21 July 1969, he was the first to unroll the University of Bern's solar wind sail and put it in the bottom of the moon before the American flag. Since then, the University of Bern has been involved in numerous international missions.

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An exhibition focusing on climate, September 2017

A touring exhibition made the connection between global climate change and local climate protection a genuine experience for the population.

Escape, migration, integration

A lecture series in March and April 2016

Lecturers in different subjects addressed the topics of escape, migration and integration, each time with a follow-up debate with the audience. All the lectures are available as videos.

Syria – a country of culture and a war zone

Event on Saturday, November 28, 2015

All the lectures and presentations with the subsequent panel discussion and question and answer session are available as videos.