University for everyone Overview of special Event Series

All event series open to the public at the University of Bern are published on this page.

Past inter-university events

Research Night 2017

Nacht der Forschung 2017, Universität Bern
© University of Bern / Photo: Ramon Lehmann

Event on September 16, 2017

This major celebration of knowledge gave both adults and children the opportunity to experience research up close, with a focus on actually meeting the researchers.

Container hoch drei

An exhibition focusing on climate, September 2017

A touring exhibition made the connection between global climate change and local climate protection a genuine experience for the population.

Escape, migration, integration

A lecture series in March and April 2016

Lecturers in different subjects addressed the topics of escape, migration and integration, each time with a follow-up debate with the audience. All the lectures are available as videos.

Syria – a country of culture and a war zone

Event on Saturday, November 28, 2015

All the lectures and presentations with the subsequent panel discussion and question and answer session are available as videos.