Portrait University Advancement

Why donate

Forscherin bei der Pflanzenzucht im Gewächshaus
Researcher working in the greenhouse

In its partnerships with philanthropists, the university cultivates fertile ground for sustainable innovation. Every bit of financial support is unique and aims to find valuable responses to social and academic challenges.

As part of its constructive partnership with foundations, the university offers up its capabilities for research and development in pioneering projects and allows foundations to achieve their individual aims. Together, the university and foundations foster current academic discourse on niche topics and are raising their profile by delivering pertinent results.

3D Screening hilft Bewegungen im Sport zu erforschen.
3D screening helps to explore movements in sports

Companies are important partners for the university. Their contributions support innovation and development at the university and help to secure its place at the heart of the local business community Bern.

The philanthropically motivated funding, helps raise the University of Bern’s profile, facilitates research that goes beyond the public budget, allows the university’s strategy to be implemented at a faster rate and enhances Bern’s standing as a center for business and academia.

With its legal basis, the university is able to set up viable and forward-thinking initiatives in dialog with its supporters. Supporters can make a pivotal impact in the university’s areas of focus.

The university strives to gain national and international recognition for commitments and to secure them for the long term.