Tools and Work Aids For lecturers


With iliasExam, exams can be digitally created, conducted and scored. iliasEXAMs are based on the ILIAS «Test» tool, which is run on a stand-alone, powerful and secure server.

iliasEXAM is particularly useful for exams with high numbers of students and for exams that include media content (images, audio, video). We recommend using iliasEXAM especially when examining higher taxonomy levels and when the exam uses the open book format. However, iliasEXAM can also be used in traditional exam conditions. It should be kept in mind that the risk of cheating is considerably higher when the exam is conducted digitally. Therefore, sufficient staff should be assigned for the invigilation of the exam.

  • the exam is created digitally on the platform
  • students take the exam online on their own computer («bring your own device») - generally in the classroom (see Recommendation regarding exam mode for more detail)
  • depending on the question types, the exam can be partially or fully scored by the system
  • options for exporting the results are available to the examiners

For detailed information about conducting an exam with iliasEXAM, please see "Workflow".