Campus and Infrastructure IT Services

Printing with Uniprint

Uniprint is a service offered by the University of Bern for printing, copying and scanning. You can pay for services using your UNICARD or Print Card. You can complete print jobs using any multifunctional printer connected to the Uniprint system. We are increasing the number of locations and devices continuously.

You can use Uniprint if the following conditions are met:

  • You have a valid and active UNICARD or print card
  • Your UNICARD or print card has a positive balance that is enough to cover at least your next print, copy or scan job
  • The multifunctional printer you are using is included in the Uniprint system
  • To print from a private device, you must connect eduroam oder VPN (not WebVPN!)

Per-page prices

As indicated below from 1st of January 2019 new prices per side apply.

Print and copy orders

The University of Bern copy office

Copytrend AG Bern serves and advises the customers of the copying center at its location at Länggassstrasse 49, Unitobler, in Bern.

For university employees, the ordering process and all necessary documents are accessible at Uni intern.