Mobility and Exchange Outgoing

BeNeFri program

BeNeFri is a network made up of the universities of Bern, Neuchâtel and Fribourg that allows students to attend lessons at different universities. This exchange program operates in those areas of study that have concluded subject agreements and are listed in the coordinated lecture program.

Application deadlines

Fall semester September 30
Spring semester February 28

Use the self-service facility to register during each semester in which you want to attend courses at one of the partner universities (Fribourg and/or Neuchâtel), within the specified deadline.
We will submit your data to the other universities either in early March (spring semester) or early October (fall semester).
When you register, the admissions office at the partner university will send you the login details for your electronic account in around mid-October or mid-March.

You can receive a reimbursement of your travel expenses by train between the three partner universities. Keep your train ticket (online-ticket as PDF). You can benefit from the allowance only if you are registered with the BeNeFri network for the relevant semester.

To do so, please fill in the form aus and return it to the Admissions Office by post to:

University of Bern
Admissions Office (ZIB)
Hochschulstrasse 4
3012 Bern

or hand them in at the counter.

Only full applications submitted within the following deadlines will be considered:

  • Autumn semester: Deadline for submission January 31 (post stamp)
  • Spring semester: Deadline for submission June 30 (post stamp)

The University of Bern participates only in the reimbursement of train tickets according to the following criteria:

  • Value of a 2nd class half-fare ticket
  • Trips between Fribourg, Berne and Neuchâtel stations only

In case of at least 6 trips per semester the University of Bern additional participates in the expenses of a half-fare travel card or a GA travel card upon presentation of the receipt; the SwissPass alone is not sufficient.

Each line of the form must be signed by hand by the professor teaching the course, thus attesting to your participation in the course. The use of digitized signatures will not be accepted without further proof of attendance or confirmation from the professor teaching the course.

Academic credentials can only be recognized if you are correctly registered. For further information (study fields, courses, recognitions, etc.), please contact the faculty involved.

Use the self-service facility to renew your BeNeFri registration when renewing your semester registration if you are still taking part in the program.