Organizational Matters Renewal of Semester Registration

Tuition and Semester Fees

The collection and the amount of fees are governed by the University Ordinance  (UniV).

Bills with a payment slip are delivered by post.
Log in to your Swiss bank or Postfinance for e-bill to receive our bills electronically.

Tuition fees
Art. 39 UniV

Fees amount
Regular tuition fee CHF 750 per semester
Non-Swiss students CHF 200 per semester, in addition to the regular tuition fee, if they did not have their civil law residence in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein at the time of obtaining their university entrance qualification to a bachelor's degree program (as of fall semester 2018) *
Tuition fee over 12 semesters without achieving a degree CHF 1,500 in the first semester after the twelve-semester limit has been exceeded. The fees double for each further semester.
Cases of hardship

The Executive Board of the University of Bern can waive the increase of tuition fees either in part or in entirety.

See below checklist for request for exemption from higher tuition fees.

Semester fee
Art. 40 UniV

Fees amount
Regular semester fee CHF 34 per semester
Increase for members of the Student Union of the University of Bern (SUB) CHF 21 per semester, in addition to the semester fee

In addition to the UNICARD, you will receive a certificate of registration once the tuition fees are paid. It consists of four confirmation talons. Each of the four talons bears the term "certificate of registration" covered with a transparent hologram film.

Reimbursement of tuition and semester fees

Requests for reimbursement have to be submitted within 10 days of the reimbursement reasons being known, but at the latest by February 28 or September 30 (date of receipt). Send the documents for proving the reasons for reimbursement together with your request for reimbursement to the Admissions Office. You can only be reimbursed if you return all certificates of registration and the UNICARD and if you confirm in writing, based on the documents of registration, that you have not received any benefits such as grants, training bonuses and tax relief.

Exemption from fees

The Admissions Office cannot exempt you from paying fees or defer due fees. If, through no fault of your own, you are in financial difficulty and thus cannot pay tuition and semester fees on time, please contact the social fund of the Student Union in good time for advance money.

* Exemption from the additional fee if you acquire Swiss citizenship during the period of registration at the University of Bern; see the details on the exact procedure in Art. 14 of the Reglement zu Abläufen und Terminen der Zulassung und Immatrikulation.