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Mit dem Campus Account können Sie sich über jeden gängigen Web-Browser mit Outlook Web Access direkt Ihre E-Mails abrufen, Kontakte verwalten oder einen eigenen Terminkalender führen. Wenden Sie sich bei Problemen an unseren Servicedesk.

Students are required to use the new WebMail URL:

With the campus account you can access your e-mails, manage contacts or keep your own timetable directly via Outlook Web Access using any common web browser. If you have any problems, please contact our Servicedesk.

Important information for students and doctoral students

Correspondence between the university and the students and doctoral candidates is mainly by electronic means (Internet and e-mail). Consequently, new students and doctoral students and new entrants are given necessary rights of access and an e-mail account on first admission.

Your student e-mail address is used within the university as an official communication channel.

Important information from the Admissions Office, the administration, the deans' offices, and the institutes are only sent to this e-mail address. You are therefore obliged to consult your mailbox regularly. Please note that our e-mails are regarded as delivered when they have arrived in your student e-mail address.


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Change of E-Mail addresses

The e-mail addresses at the University of Bern will be standardized. All employees with active Campus Accounts receive a primary e-mail address without an abbreviation of the name of the institute. The Campus Account user name will also be adapted to the new e-mail address as part of this change.