Portrait Strategy

Objectives and stakeholders

The University of Bern’s strategy is designed to allow the University Executive Board to define key focus areas for the University’s development and achieve this together with the faculties, strategic centers and Central Administration. The University’s strategy is, therefore, a management tool that contains long-term objectives, the achievement of which should be reviewed at specific regular intervals.

Strategy 2030 has been developed by the University Executive Board with the faculties, strategic centers and Central Administration in mind, encouraging them to formulate and realize their contributions towards implementing the strategy.

Strategy 2030 is also intended for the authorities in the Canton of Bern and, in particular, the Cantonal Government, which both sets targets for the University in its performance mandate and provides funding to help reach these targets. The objectives of Strategy 2030 and the direction set by the Cantonal Government’s performance mandate are aligned.

The strategy is also intended for the general public. The University wants to demonstrate the long-term objectives it has set itself and define the contributions it wishes to make to society at the regional, national and global levels.