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Wage negotiation

The wage negotiation is an important part of the personal and qualification interviews. There are a number of steps to help you to represent your expectations as clearly as possible and to obtain a wage increase.

Procure information

For wage negotiations, good preparation pays off. Take the time beforehand and think about your wage expectations.

  • Draw up a realistic picture of your qualifications and the assignment profile of the job.
  •  Find out which benefits the employer provides (e.g. 13th monthly wage, flexible working hours, payment of overtime, etc.).
  •  Find out about wage levels in the relevant sector. Wage calculators provide a good indication.

Substantiate your wage expectations

Try to determine an appropriate wage based on this information. Set a minimum wage threshold representing the minimum wage you would like to receive. A range offers you a certain amount of room to negotiate.

Prepare arguments

When negotiating, it is important to be able to justify your wage expectations.

  • Your market value: Think about why your wage expectations are appropriate. Which qualifications mark you out, what experience can you offer, which responsibilities will you bear?
  •  Basic wage and fringe benefits: You must also consider whether you primarily want a given basic wage or if you are prepared to accept a lower wage in exchange for fringe benefits (e.g. bonus payments, company car, Swiss railways general travelcard, etc.). We aware of what is more important to you as these benefits are often played off against each other. 

Practice wage negotiations

As with a personal interview, it is advisable to practice wage negotiations with someone you trust. To this end, for example, draw up a list of counter-arguments the person you trust can use in the role of the employer.

Addressing your wage

Do not address the wage yourself in an initial job interview as this does not make a good impression. If, however, you are asked about your wage expectations, it is up to you to sell yourself. Show that you have done your research and, if need be, name the sources of your information concerning wages in the relevant sector.