Semester Dates and Deadlines Renewal of Semester Registration

Please note the following deadlines for processing your re-registration form for renewing your registration or for having yourself removed from the student registry:

  Self-service editing
Fall semester from May 20 to August 31
Spring semester from December 15 to January 31

An extension of these deadlines up until the start of lectures can be applied for by e-mail (end of calendar week 37 or alt. 7).

Please note: If you do not process your re-registration form in good time, we cannot register you for the next semester but must remove you from the student registry.


Cancellation of removal from student registry for important reasons

A registration fee of CHF 100 can be charged for canceling the removal from the student registry which can take place for important reasons either up until October 15 or March 15 at the latest.

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