Tools and Work Aids For lecturers

Digital exams

The University of Bern offers their lecturers the option to create, conduct and score, written on-site exams using digital tools. Two platforms are available for this purpose:

  evaexam (bubble sheet exams)


We strongly recommend that examiners allow sufficient time for the preparation of digital exams, especially before the first use, in order to familiarize themselves with the respective platform, to develop an appropriate concept for the exam, and to do a test run.

For information on ways to implement formative assessments, please refer to Teaching situations / Assess performances.

Pros Cons
Less work, especially with large groups Require digital skills of the examiner
Quicker scoring and grading More complex initial creation
Inclusion of media More susceptible to cheating when conducted digitally
More varied question types (e.g. ordering question) Risk of technical errors, backup plan necessary when conducted digitally
Easier switch to remote exams Accessibility not always guaranteed
Automatic, detailed reporting
evaexam (bubble sheet exams) iliasEXAM
Suitability Assessment of factual knowledge (closed book) with a high number of participants Assessing competencies at higher taxonomy levels

Practice-oriented assessments

Open book exams

Exams with media-based exam questions

Available media Images Images



Available question types Single choice
Kprim choice
(Multiple choice)1
True-false question
Matching question
Long menu question
Essay question (open, open segmented)
Single choice
Kprim choice
Multiple choice2
True-false question2
Order question
Long menu question
Essay question 
File upload
Structuring questions Questions can be grouped No questions groups
Randomizing questions

Randomizing per version:

  • Order of groups of questions
  • Order of questions within a group
  • Order of answer options within each question
  • Order of questions independent of group

Randomizing per student:

  • Order of questions within the exam
  • Order of answer options within each question
Access evaexam (after requesting an account) iliasEXAM
Registering the exam - Registration form

deadline: 14 days before the exam

Creation of the exam Digital Digital
Conduction of the exam On-site


On-site or remote

Online ("bring your own device")

Scoring of the exam Automatic3 Automatic3

1  Should be avoided due to potentially incorrect scoring. You can find more information on this here.

1  Through work arounds with other question types.

2  No automatic scoring for question types «Essay question» and «File upload».