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Software and hardware discounted or for free

The University of Bern offers students and employees the opportunity to use software and licenses for study and work at reduced or no cost.

For matriculated students of the University of Bern we offer the possibility to purchase software and licenses via online software shop.

Open source software (OSS) are programs that are published under an open source license. This license allows that OSS can be copied freely and that the source code is openly available and can be modified. Thus OSS is always free of license costs and can be viewed transparently. OSS is particularly suitable for studies, because there are many free programs that are useful for students.

On the following website, numerous recommendations, background information and tools are available to facilitate the use of OSS in studies at the University of Bern.

This program provides students and employees with a valid  Campus Account and a Campus Mailbox of the University of Bern with various office applications free of charge.
Employees and students do not have access to the same functions or applications. As soon as you have logged in to the Microsoft Portal with your Campus Account, you can see which functions and applications are available. Employees only have the possibility to download the Office Palette. Students have the choice between the download version or the online version.

The project Neptun supports the purchase of laptops at preferential conditions for students and employees of Swiss educational institutions.