Organizational Matters Renewal of Semester Registration

Procedure and timing: students

You want to attend courses and take exams in the coming semester? Then you have to be registered. With the electronic re-registration form, you can renew your registration for the next semester and at the same time check your data and, if necessary, correct it. If you are coming toward the end of your course and are not sure whether you have to register for the next semester or not, contact the relevant faculty to find out when, at the latest, you have to register for the degree.

You are concluding your studies this semester and want to be removed from the student registry? Or are you interrupting your studies for one or more semesters? Then use the self-service facility.

Would you like to continue your parallel degree program and only conclude your main study? You can't make this change by yourself. It's important to contact ZIB ( before processing the re-registration form.