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Core Tasks

To quality assurance and development (QAD) regarding the core university tasks of teaching, research, continuing education and services apply overarching guidelines. Furthermore, there are standardized processes for QAD reporting.


The University of Bern is consolidating its reputation as a teaching university.

The University is enhancing and developing new teaching and learning forms and thereby guarantees a high level of education.


The University of Bern achieves excellence in research areas of major social and academic significance

The University wants to provide an optimum environment for its researchers in order to enable and promote top-quality research.

Continuing Education

The University of Bern offers a research-based and practice-oriented range of further education opportunities

The University of Bern runs a varied and high-quality range of further education degree programs and courses with a regional, national and international reach.


The high-quality services offered by the University of Bern address the needs of the public

The University of Bern offers services to the public for which it is specially qualified on the basis of its academic activity and methodological expertise.