Portrait Facts and Figures

Staff data

Here you will find information about the number of persons employed on a permanent or fixed-term basis at the University of Bern or who receive compensation for giving courses. The rules of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) apply to the collection of the data. In order to facilitate comparisons with other universities and the student statistics, the number of staff is not presented according to organizational units but according to the specialist terms of the Swiss University Information System (SHIS). The figures in full-time equivalents are based on annual average. The figures in persons are based on the key date of December 31.

The essentials in brief

The University of Berne has 4'854 full-time positions in 2020 which are occupied by 7'362 persons. The proportion of women amounts to 54% and the proportion of foreign nationals to 37%. The professors include 524 full-time positions, the lecturers 238, the teaching and research assistants including PhD students add up to 2‘269 full-time positions and finally, the technical and administrative staff amounts to 1‘823. Compared to the previous year, the number of staff members has increased by 3%.