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With its management approach, the University of Bern ensures smooth and efficient operations and maintains lean administrative processes. The Rector's Office and the Office of the Vice President for Teaching, the Administrative Director's Office, the General Secretariat as well as further organisational units support the faculties in their quality-related endeavors and are active themselves in their own areas. Their QAD measures generally focus on processes and incorporate opinions from stakeholders and relevant external specialists. Information obtained when examining the processes is used to adapt and develop the latter and is documented.

Finance Office

The University of Bern has an established financial planning and reporting system. The University thereby ensures transparency regarding the origin and use of financial resources.

Building Development Office

A suitably spatial infrastructure is an important prerequisite for achieving the University of Bern's objectives in teaching, research, further education, and services.

Facility Management Office

Ensuring efficient and smooth building management of all the properties used by the University is critical to helping the University achieve its objectives with regard to infrastructure, administration, and operation.

Risk Management Office

Employees and students are to be provided with good and safe working conditions. Health, safety and environmental issues will be duly taken into account in this regard.