Prospective students Auditors of lectures


You wish to attend interesting lectures at the University of Bern without officially matriculating? Our lectures are also open to a wider public. On payment of a registration fee, you can attend certain courses without having to enroll as a student.

You can have your attendance attested to by the respective lecturers. Please note, however, that auditors are not allowed to take exams, hand in papers, collect ECTS points or have courses officially accredited. It is not possible for auditors to sign up for courses in KSL.

Auditors may not attend the following types of courses:

  • any courses offered as part of a postgraduate studies program, such as seminars for PhD students and other courses specifically aimed at postgraduate students
  • courses offered as part of an advanced studies program (MAS, DAS, CAS study programs). It is not possible to attend individual modules or lectures
  • any courses designed to prepare students for exams, such as revision classes or tutorials. Unless the respective faculties decree differing regulations, it is not possible for auditors to attend exams of any kind, including PhD defenses and habilitation lectures, even if these are open to members of the university
  • any courses (except for lectures) that are explicitly aimed at advanced students, unless you are given permission by the respective instructors
  • any language courses offered by the department of applied linguistics, unless otherwise specified
  • German or English language courses
  • any other courses listed by the admissions office
  • any courses offered by the university sports department (Unisport)

Special list (document in German)

Lecturers who do not wish for auditors to attend their courses can inform the admissions office of their decision by July 31 for the autumn term or December 31 for the spring term.

Biomedical Engineering

Some courses are open to auditors. Please consult the course catalogue (CTS).

The following regulations apply to the medical faculty

It is not possible for auditors to attend courses offered for students in their 1st-6th years. Exceptions can be made if both the respective lecturer and the dean's office sign a written confirmation. For all other medical courses, the respective lecturer's approval is sufficient All auditors attending courses offered by the medical faculty are subject to medical confidentiality.