Organizational Matters UNICARD

What is the UNICARD?

Information for staff (in German)

The UNICARD is an electronic ID card in credit card format issued by the University of Bern. It serves students as a student identity card and staff as a personal identity card.

As well as serving as a student identity card, the UNICARD can also be used as a library card, means of payment or access badge.

Identity card for the entire student life

The UNICARD for students (illustrations) is issued for the duration of studies. This means that students keep it:

  • when changing subject
  • when changing degree course
  • when changing from bachelor's level to master's level to a PhD
  • when re-registering after a break in studies or in continuing education courses
  • during an internship
  • during approved academic leave
  • during stays abroad

Dual role: for students who work at the University of Bern while studying, the UNICARD is both a student identity card and a staff identity card, i.e. as second card is not issued. The dual role is indicated in the validation area of the card.
Both roles will also be indicated in the validation strip for dual student/lecturer roles.