Tools and Work Aids For students

Registration and deregistration

The two central systems CTS and ILIAS are linked via an interface, so that enrolments of students from KSL can be transferred to the ILIAS courses. (see Joining a course)

You can find out whether you need to register for a course in CTS or whether the institute has chosen a different form of registration in the information provided by the respective institutes or check in the CTS announcement how participation in the course is regulated (see semester planning).

Registration for courses is generally carried out via the Core Teaching System (CTS). Consult the public course catalog to check whether the course is listed in CTS. In the course description in CTS you can see if ILIAS accompaniment is planned for this course. If so, an ILIAS link will be displayed. In addition, the description of the event in CTS will also tell you whether you should register via CTS or join the ILIAS course directly.

There are two accesses to CTS: One for the public course catalog and one with login to use all functions of CTS.


Planning courses

Students can register/deregister for the courses via the CTS. You can also assign the credited performances to the required vessels in the planning view. To search for a specific course, you can use the course catalog. It shows all courses at the University of Bern and the relevant information: who organizes and supervises the course, the place and time of the sessions and much more.


Some institutes make exceptions and use other systems and ways (e.g. ILIAS) to register for the course. Please refer to the guidelines of the individual institutes for information on the registration procedure. Otherwise, please contact the support or the respective institute.

  • For administrative problems with the CTS, the TAS support is responsible.
  • Purely technical information can be obtained primarily from the student advisory service of the respective subject.
  • Specific questions about courses, deadlines for registration and deregistration etc. should be directed to the person who is running the course. This information can be found in the course catalog.
  • If you are not sure who is responsible for your request concerning the study administration, our support is a good contact point. If necessary, we can obtain information from other organizations of the University of Bern or forward your request to the responsible department.

Students must register for exams directly in the CTS.

Lecturers announce the modalities of the courses and performance checks in the first courses of the semester. Normally, registration for the performance checks is done through the CTS. If lecturers choose this option, registrations and deregistrations in the CTS are legally binding. Administratively, registration/deregistration in the CTS is only possible within the respective deadlines.



Registrations and deregistrations entered in the CTS are legally binding. Grades in the CTS only become legally valid with an order. The CTS cannot take all exceptions into account with regards to creditability in a study program. Corresponding information must be verified by study regulations, study plan and appendix.


Degrees require confirmation by the deaneries in any case and are only valid with the handing over of the corresponding certificates/diplomas. Students who wish to complete their studies (Bachelor, Master, PhD) submit the application for a degree at the dean's office responsible for the major. Degrees are only managed in one system. Students who had a degree in ePUB have had their grades transferred to the CTS in the locked vessel to avoid double crediting in the Master. However, the degree itself is not reproduced in the CTS.