Organizational Matters UNICARD

Use as a Means of Payment

Before using as a means of payment...

Before using as a means of payment, the validated card must be charged with a cash amount of between CHF 10 and CHF 300 via one of the chargers (money charging terminals).

The UNICARD can then be used as a means of payment within the University of Bern.

Paying with UNICARD

When paying, the card is placed on a card reader. Payment with the card is only possible if there is sufficient credit.

After the amount to be paid is debited, the updated credit is displayed. The credit available on the UNICARD can be checked at any time via a charger or a validation terminal. At the validation terminals, it is also possible to consult the last ten transactions.

The credit is not loaded onto the card and is therefore no lost if the card is lost.

For student cafeterias: 

  • Tell at the cash point if you want to pay cash or with UNICARD.
  • If the credit on your card is not enough, you can pay the difference in cash. 
  • If you have problems with your UNICARD, please talk to the helpdesk. 
  • More information within the rubric «payment function».