Organizational Matters Student Financing

Social Fund Foundation


The Social Fund Foundation of the University of Bern is designed to help students registered at the university who are currently suffering from an acute financial emergency (unforeseen, through no fault of your own and not permanent) and who are foreseeably to complete a Bachelor's or Master's degree (i.e. they are only missing one semester, or two in justified exceptional cases). This mission expressly excludes the granting of medium- or long-term support. The Foundation does not award scholarships, grants, loans or financial aid at the start of your studies. 


The information leaflet on submitting a request, as well as the forms "Budget plan" and "Financing plan" are available at the bottom of your screen for download. The budget plan and the financing plan must be submitted with your request. They must be complete and must be legible.

Students from the Bern University of Applied Sciences or the Bern University of Teacher Education must contact the relevant office at their establishment (see links below) with questions on budget and financing.