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The University of Bern has a comprehensive and consistent management system that, on the one hand, gives the faculties an element of leeway and, on the other hand however, enables the Executive Board of the University to exercise its statutory strategic and institutional responsibility.

So as to improve quality on a continuous basis, the University follows the procedures of a management loop system, as is depicted in the image.

Schaubild Qualitätskreislauf

With the quality strategy and action plans in place, the University of Bern has the instruments necessary to develop the holistic culture of quality that it desires and to establish priorities with regard to the implementation of this culture. In addition, these instruments help to implement University strategy and ensure that the performance mandate from the Cantonal Government is fulfilled.

The quality assurance system is set up to be an adaptive system. It aims to evolve on a continuous basis and to support the development of a culture of quality at all organizational levels.

The loop illustrates the internal planning and management system of the University. All the instruments that govern collaboration between the Senate, the Executive Board of the University of Bern, the eight faculties, and the competence centers are depicted. The internal management loop identifies six planning instruments (dark gray) and five reporting instruments (light gray).