Organization Executive Board and Central Administration

Executive Board and Central Administration

Research Commission

Successor body of the SNSF Research Commission

26 members represent the faculties, lecturers, assistants and students

In line with the regulations, it is a permanent commission that is responsible for
the tasks below on behalf of the University Board of Directors:

  • Evaluation of applications for person and project funding, currently namely
    UniBE Initiator Grants
    UniBE ID Grants
    UniBE Doc.Mobility
  • Advising the Vice-Rectorate Research and other University committees on matters related to research funding and the evaluation of funding schemes.
  • Within the scope of its activities and competence, the Research Commission can submit proposals and applications to the University Board of Directors or the Vice-Rectorate Research.

The Research Commission has a total of 26 members:

The faculties are represented in the Commission by 20 full and/or associate professors and/or assistant professors with tenure track.

The Commission also includes two representatives each of the lecturers, assistants and students.

Thus a proportional representation of all faculties, mid-level faculty and students is ensured. The members are proposed by the individual faculties, the MVUB and the SUB, respectively, and elected by the Senate.