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Engaging with knowledge and materials

ILIAS is the central teaching and learning platform of the University of Bern. It can be used to efficiently and easily accompany/support attendance-based courses.

If your course is accompanied by the teaching/learning platform ILIAS, you will find the materials for the course there.

The responsibility and provision of the contents of ILIAS courses lies with the people running the course. The ILIAS courses can include the following:

  • Literature for download
  • Information on courses
  • Podcast recordings
  • Self-tests for exam preparation
  • Exercise submission boxes
  • Discussion forums
  • and much more...

You can access your ILIAS courses via the personal desk in ILIAS or via the CTS course description.

The University of Bern has equipped various lecture halls with podcast infrastructure. Software from SWITCH allows podcasts to be easily recorded, edited and published.

The podcasts can be viewed within the ILIAS course. Provided the event is recorded. Whether or not a lecture is recorded depends, on the one hand, on the room conditions and, on the other hand, on the lecturers' decision for/against recording.

As students of the University of Bern you have access to discounted software. In addition, software that is used at institutes can often be obtained via the software shop. You will also find an overview of open source software that is actively used at the University of Bern.

The following websites give you an overview of where you can get software that is in use at the University of Bern and how you are supported in ordering hardware.