Campus and Infrastructure IT Services

Using Microsoft Office

This page describes what you can do with the various Office programs.
If you have any questions, please contact the software administrators at the IT Services Office.


a) Download and Installation for personal use via the Microsoft portal (german only)
b) Important: The cloud services are not recommended for data with personal informations. For business date use our service "Campus Cloud Storage" instead.
Software free of charge
Software chargeable (Prices published in our Softwareshop)

1. Office Benefit Program Office 365

This program allows students and staff of the University of Bern with a valid campus account and a campus mailbox to use a range of Office applications free of charge.
Different functions and applications are available to students and staff. Once you have logged in to the Microsoft Portal using your campus account, you can see which functions and applications are available for you to use. Staff can only obtain the Office suite as a download. Students can choose between the download or the online version.