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Blue University

In 2010, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared access to clean water a fundamental human right. However, this is far from being a reality for everyone – and climate change is making the situation even more difficult. Water – especially clean water – is in short supply. Therefore, it is vital that society searches for solutions. The scientific community has a significant part to play in this. These solutions fall within the scope of sustainable development – a key strategic area for teaching and research at the University of Bern. For this reason, the university joined the "Blue Community" initiative in September 2013 and was awarded the "Blue University" label.

Eine Frau trinkt Wasser aus einem öffentlichen Brunnen.
ein afrikanisches Kind trinkt Wasser

The University of Bern is part of the international "Blue Community" initiative. Blue communities recognize the human right to water. They promote sustainable use of water and campaign to keep water supply and use in the public sector.

Blue communities use drinking water responsibly within their own structures and operations, using drinking water from the public supply wherever possible.
Drinking local water that has not been bottled or transported protects the environment. It takes one thousand times less energy to provide tap water than to provide mineral water.