Organizational Matters Renewal of Semester Registration

Mandatory Registration

Who does this regulation apply to?

  • Students toward the end of their studies who have to complete performance checks or resit examinations connected to the events of the semester or possibly the previous semester.
  • Students who are leaving the University of Bern after completing their bachelor's degree program
  • Students who are completing their master's degree program at the University of Bern
  • Students who are ending their studies without gaining a degree

What does the regulation on the mandatory entry in the student registry say?

  • The important thing is the date of the last performance check.
  • If all academic attainments have been completed until the end of the lecture-free period (calendar week 7 or 37), you do not have to register at the University of Bern again.
  • The date for submitting the master or bachelor thesis must be before the end of the lecture-free period (calendar week 7 or 37) and no further reworking may be made.
    Earlier dates set in the study regulations (RSL) of the responsible faculty have priority.

What else do I have to think about?

  • The faculties/institutes specify the exact date of registering for the performance checks and the submission date for your dissertation.
  • All students act independently and must clarify with the relevant faculty offices whether all relevant academic requirements have been met in advance.

Mandatory entry in the student registry during a doctorate

As a PhD student, you must be registered at the university for the entire duration of your program. Providing you do not make use of either material or staff services from the University of Bern, you can be freed from this mandatory entry. The Dean's Office of your particular faculty is responsible for the exemption. Submit a confirmation from the relevant Dean's Office within the prescribed time if you are not making use of either material or staff services from the university to the Admissions Office (for the fall semester by August 31 and for the spring semester by January 31).

Please note:

The exemption applies to one semester.
If you do not register until you hand in your dissertation, the outstanding semester fees will be charged in retrospect.